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Embrace YourSELF

Embrace is a specialty offering that involves individual sessions tailored to each woman and assisting her in stepping into herSELF, and embracing her power, sexuality, and feminine strength. 

Society has been programming women to dim their inner light, creating shyness, self judgement, resentment, and shame that may have blocked  fullfilment in intimacy and sexual connection. Additionally, we know that there have been life experiences that have negatively inhibited our ability to be fully engaged with our minds and bodies in the pursuit of pleasure in ourselves and with our partners.

To this end, utilizing the revolutionary healing methods of Rapid Resolution Therapy, Embrace is designed to enhance personal fulfillment, engage the psyche in promoting strength and power, and discover marital enhancement, finding satisfaction in awakened desire, intimacy, and trust for marital harmony.

Rapid Resolution Therapy, created and developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, is a transformative healing process that engages all levels of the mind in a supportive and gentle manner to shift the way that mind has been responding to life that has been causing distress and a less-than-desirable engagement in life and creating barriers in intimacy and connection. In addition to conducting the sessions in the office, through use of modern technology we can accomplish all of this in the comfort and privacy of your own home via telehealth platforms.

Discover and embrace your power.

They asked her "How did you free yourself?"
She answered "By embracing my own power."
-Yung Pueblo

To begin the Embrace process, contact  us  by phone or email at

405-592-3602 or

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