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    CLEAR and FREE

           with RRT!


"I have struggled with complex PTSD for years, investing in all sorts of therapies and modalities with little to no actual relief. I grew up in a tumultuous family, watched my youngest brother die of cancer, my older brother of a traumatic brain injury and both my parents struggle with alcoholism and depression. The years of chaos and crisis left their mark and I was despairing of ever feeling better. But I never stopped searching and eventually Google brought me to Rapid Resolution Therapy and Chasity's practice. 

When I first read about RRT, I was skeptical. Multiple EMDR and CBT sessions hadn't provided meaningful relief and required that I re-experience or talk in depth about traumatic events for the therapy. When I read that RRT didn't require that and could be completed in just 1-3 sessions, I was intrigued. 

Rapid Resolution Therapy was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was deeply relaxing ,compassionate and empowering. It worked holistically on my mind, body, and spirit. I walked out of the office feeling lighter and hopeful. That night, I slept soundly for the first time in years. Remarkable as insomnia has been an ongoing issue for me. 

I continue to feel better and sleep more soundly and spend less time "ruminating" on the pain of all the losses and trauma. And when I do think of my family, I do so without the sharp bitterness and anger that has been attached to my memories of them.

I would encourage anyone dealing with traumatic issues of any kind to give Rapid Resolution Therapy a try. I feel incredibly lucky to have found a practitioner like Chasity. She is extremely kind, caring, and passionate about the work she does. Working with her is one of the best decisions I have made in my search for wholeness.

God bless you on your path towards healing. You've already survived. Now its time to thrive. " 

"I just wanted to say thank you. For the first time in a long time, I slept without dreaming about something to do with them. That weighed me down for a long time and had me waking up in a fog. I didn't realize how much less of a person I really felt until now. I woke up happy and went home with a smile and new perspective."

"That's very similar to what it did for me as well. I'm sleeping again, thank God, and my mind doesn't race anymore. My anxiety has dropped tremendously and my fears are gone besides one. Also, my thought process has changed as well as my outlook on life and my perspective on life. I'm not emotional anymore and I'm not haunted by my past anymore. I feel absolutely free and the best part is I had 5 very distinct personalities inside of me when I entered your office. And after I left your office I only have 1 and I'm finding out who she is now, and I'm happy because I know her worth now. All thanks to you, you gave me my life back. Thank you so much,you literally saved my life in more than one way."

"I am handling stressful situations much differently now. I can't get mad anymore, that sounds weird but it's TRUE! I think RRT really helped me because I would get mad all the time over little things and now that stuff doesn't make me mad. I was having some anxiety stuff to and that hasn't been a problem for me now and I am finally sleeping better."

I was feeling angry a lot of the time and had anxiety in most situations. I had no idea how much stuff from my mom abandoning me was really affecting me. I couldn't think about her without getting angry, let alone talk about her but I didn't have to talk about her in session to get rid of the anger that I had towards her. It was weird, but good weird because I tried to feel the anger and it felt like reaching for something that wasn't there which is weird in a really cool way so thank you!

I was having panic attacks and anxiety all the time it felt like and specifically I could not eat without having a panic attack. I had a surgery because of a medical condition where I would choke when swallowing and after the procedure I was having anxiety and panic attacks every time I ate which caused me to lose so much weight that it scared me and I made the decision to get help. When I was reading about RRT I was'nt really sure what to think or if it could help me but at that point I would try anything. I had a panic attack coming into the office and after I was calm I came in for my session. The session lasted about two hours and was deeply relaxing and at the end of the session Chasity asked me to cause the anxious feeling and I couldn't! I had been in the middle of having a panic attack when I walked in but couldn't cause that anxious feeling no matter how hard I tried. Chasity had me try eating a candy bar after my session and I bit into it with no fear and ate the entire thing with no problem! Thank you so much, one RRT session changed my life!

I was having nausea every time someone would touch me, whether it was intentional or if they just bumped into me and it was awful. After one RRT session the nausea is gone for good thank you so much!

I was having panic attacks weekly and anxiety was there always. I had been diagnosed with OCD and felt like I had to follow through with the compulsions or something bad would happen. I was having anxiety over world problems, death and dying , and so many other things. I had 3 RRT sessions with Chasity and now the anxiety is not there, I feel free and I don't have the compulsions anymore! 

My little man has been able to participate in activities and complete tasks without getting frustrated and angry and simply taking a brain break every now and then. He has not had anxiety or the violent outbursts that used to be a daily battle. I can drop him off at school without him screaming and clinging to me and it has been such a blessing to see him participate and interact with other kids and just be himself! I am so thankful for RRT!

I had a lot of divorce trauma and I knew that the resentment, the guilt, and shame were still affecting me and my ability to find a healthy relationship but I had no idea just how much until I experienced RRT and the complete freedom from past relationships. I feel good about myself again and like ME! For the first time in years I don't feel like a shadow of the person I once was and it is indescribable. I know my value now and I no longer feel pain when I think about my past and I didn't know that was possible until having a few sessions with Chasity, so thank you so much and I would recommend RRT to anyone and everyone!

My son had a terrible fear of the dark and also had many aggressive outbursts at school and home. My son is autistic and had great difficulty coping when over stimulated and often caused disruption in the classroom by screaming, sometimes shoving or throwing things and at home he would hit me and often throw things and I was at my wits end. Chasity has been a life saver for us! My little guy no longer has fear of the dark and he is just happy and himself. He hasn't had any meltdowns and he has been doing great in school and at home so I am so thankful for Chasity and Rapid Resolution Therapy! I can tell that she genuinely cares and is passionate about what she does so I recommend her to anyone that is needing help.

RRT changed my life!!! I feel like a whole new person. No more triggers. No more PTSD. No more nightmares. I'm attracting a better quality of people and Narcissists are a thing of my past. I feel an inner peace and I'm happy and have more energy. RRT saved me and changed my life for the better!

I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster all the time! I would have anxiety one second and then be angry and snapping at everyone the next second. I cried every day and most of the time I didn't even understand why. I had ONE session with Chasity and it changed everything! Anxiety is gone, I'm not angry or irritable, finally done with the crying. I can't thank Chasity enough for helping me get off that rollercoaster.

I was having a really hard time getting over my husband cheating on me. My husband got help and I knew he wouldn't cheat on me again, it was like he became the best version of himself and we both wanted to move forward but part of me was stuck in the past. I was having triggers every day causing resentment and fear, I had paranoid thoughts about him cheating and felt helpless to stop it. I wanted to try RRT to see if it could help but I honestly wasn't feeling very optimistic at that point. I am thankful that I gave RRT a try because after 3 sessions with Chasity I feel like me again and I'm free of the past. Mu husband and I are moving forward and stronger than ever.  

My beautiful little girl was plucking out all of her lashes and eye brows and no matter what we tried it continued to happen. When we decided to try RRT my little girl had no lashes or brows and was feeling very self conscious and ashamed, I hated seeing her like that. After a few RRT sessions with Chasity she was no longer plucking her lashes and brows. I am so thankful for everything Chasity has done for her, she lights up a room with her smile and is so much more confident in herself. Thank you!

I was feeling overwhelmed every single day. It was difficult to get through the day without dissolving into tears from an unknown source. Chasity used RRT to help me regain control of my emotions and I'm able to enjoy life again!

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