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Q. I have been in therapy before and it didn't help me. How is this different? How will RRT help me when other therapy didn't?

A. RRT is completely different from traditional talk therapy. RRT goes straight to the source of where the problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors originate from and things are shifted and cleared at that level. You do not have to "be ready" and you do not have to "let it go" if you are looking for things to improve I would be honored to assist you in clearing these problematic thoughts, emotions, habits, and behaviors that have been troubling for you and that others have been unable to successfully assist you with.

Q. I can't talk about the painful things that happened...How can RRT help me when I can't even speak about what happened?

A. Because RRT shifts and clears problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors at the unconscious level all the RRT practitioner needs to know is what has been problematic for you and gain understanding of how it has been affecting you so detailed information about the traumatic event is not required to clear the effects of the trauma that has occurred. Many people who have experienced an RRT session and felt immediate relief from the effects of trauma have said things like they felt for the first time that they were seeing the world and themselves clearly, they say things like "I feel like me again." "I have more energy." "I am sleeping soundly for the first time in years." "The triggers are gone." "I can think back on the stuff that happened and feel no pain about it." "I feel free for the first time, like it's not controlling me anymore." "It has no power over me anymore, he has no power over me any more."

Q. Is RRT Hypnosis?


A. RRT has nothing to do with susceptibility or suggestibility. You will be awake, aware and fully in control.

Q. How long does a therapy session last? 

A. A typical session lasts 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the unique situation and needs of each person.


Q. How much does a session cost?


A. The rate of an RRT session is $250.00 for the first session which is about two hours and all other sessions are $150.00 and last one hour. If you are having financial difficulties and would have trouble paying the service fee we still want to assist you so please contact us and we can discuss payment options that are available and you may qualify for a lower rate.   

Q. Do you accept insurance?

A. Insurance companies want to make as much money as possible off of clients' copays and deductibles. That being said, since RRT clears clients on average in one to three sessions, there isn't money to be made long-term for them. For that reason, insurance will not cover your RRT session.

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