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My Expertise

Assisting people of all ages that have been experiencing troubling thoughts and emotions such as, anxiety, depression, and anger. Rapid Resolution Therapy is an evidence based approach that helps the person heal from the effects of trauma in a way that is painless and in as few as 1-3 sessions. If you have been experiencing any of the following you could benefit greatly from an RRT session: Night terrors, insomnia, substance abuse problems, problematic recurring behaviors, obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors, complex trauma from sexual abuse, domestic violence, childhood neglect, physical and emotional abuse. Sensory processing disorders, self-esteem, body issues, womens sexual concerns,  guilt, shame, and grief.

Society has been programming women to dim their inner light, creating shyness, self judgement, guilt, resentment, and shame that may have blocked fulfillment in family, friendships, career, intimacy and sexual connection. In addition, we know that there have been life experiences that have negatively inhibited our ability to be fully engaged with our minds and bodies in the pursuit of pleasure and happiness in ourselves and with our partners, blocking our ability to attain our goals for our ourselves and our families. With the use of RRT you can discover and Embrace your power!

      Marriage Therapy

Pain that has been ongoing and causing turmoil and rifts in a relationship can take months or even years to heal from and move forward when in traditional therapy. RRT shifts and clears problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in one session because things are cleared at the unconscious level where our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors originate from. 

Have you or your spouse been unfaithful and desire positive change within yourself and your relationship? Have there been problematic thoughts or behaviors that you have tried to get rid of but continue to be a problem? With RRT we can clear the problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors leaving you feeling free and clear as you move forward in life and in your relationship.


Rapid Resolution Therapy is a gentle approach that uses multi level communication to assist you in healing from the effects of trauma. Events that we have survived can get stuck and continue to cause a disturbance in emotion, thought, mood, and behavior. RRT shifts the way the mind has been processing information and clears the stuckness so that when recalling events that you have survived it is not disturbing and instead there is a sense of freedom and strength. People often report feeling clarity and a lightness after experiencing an RRT session. You have already Survived now it's time to Thrive

     Individual Therapy

Have you been struggling with ongoing problematic thoughts, emotions, habit, or behavior and nothing has really helped you get any relief or peace? Have you felt like your mind is against you and you are fighting a losing battle? RRT can help you! People report feeling immediate relief after just one session. RRT uses multilevel communication to clear what has been causing the disturbance within the mind and how it has been processing information. People often report feeling free, having more energy, having a sense of peace and clarity, and feeling incapable of experiencing the pain that they had been experiencing.

    Family Therapy

Take advantage of our unique approach to improving family relationships and experience peace in your home again! Using RRT we can shift and clear problematic thoughts, emotions, and behaviors from where they originate from so there is a noticeable difference in how you act, react and speak to one another. When mind is clear and free of resentment, anger, guilt, shame, and fear communication improves, and connections become more stable and healthy.

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